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Medical Emergencies dial 999

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Our Newsroom keeps you informed of the latest developments at the surgery with additional live feeds from various news sources. You can also check-out our live Facebook feed below:


We are part of Venn Primary Care Network (PCN). This is a group of local practice working together to deliver improved services for all our patients. Full information is available on the Venn PCN website.


Over the last 12 months, Sutton Manor Surgery has had 1,226 appointments wasted due to patients not attending their booked appointment.

This is equivalent to more than 50 days of wasted appointments. At a time when the NHS is more stretched than ever and appointments difficult to book, this is a colossal waste of NHS resources.

If you cannot make o appointment, please cancel it either by calling us or online via the Klinic system.


Demand for appointments is at unparalleled levels. The 999 service is for medical emergencies only. For health advice if it is less than an emergency or if the surgery is closed, NHS 111 service is available on-line or by dialing 111. Please read our 'Choose the Right Service' feature on this page to find the service most appropriate for your needs. For a child under 18 with an acute illness, please refer to the Healthier Together website or download the app

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