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It is important to let us know if you change your name, address or phone number. Young people and teenagers should ensure they update their records if they were previously registered under the registration of parent or carer.   This can be done in various ways:

1. Submit a note via Klinik enquiry with details
2. Email us 
3 Pop in and let our reception team know
4. Ring the Practice preferably in the afternoon.

>> ECONSULT>> email

How We Use Your Contact Details

Appointment reminders may be sent out via SMS message for all patients over 16 for all face-to-face consultations.  The SMS message sent do not include any identifiable data of yourself. 
In addition, certain health campaigns (such as the annual Flu Jab) reminders may be sent via SMS message. The SMS message sent does not include any identifiable data of yourself. The General Data Protection Regulations [2018] require us to gain consent preferences for the ways in which we contact you, either by Text Messaging or Via Email. 

We will now no longer be able to assume that you consent for us to send you information via text and email if we do not have a legal reason for doing so or if it is not related to direct patient care. If you have not done so already, please let us know your contact preferences by downloading this form