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Heart Clinic

Our call and recall system monitors patients with various forms of ischaemic heart disease (eg. high blood pressure, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease) or who have undergone coronary surgery.

Our  practice nurses, with GP oversight, run clinics with the aim of ensuring that patients have the best possible advice and treatment  to  maximise their quality of life and help avoid future problems

We monitor cholesterol levels, conduct urine and blood tests, review medication and provide lifestyle advice. Further details on our heart clinics can be obtained by contacting our reception. The following videos provide some useful background information from the British Heart Foundation.

High BP & Heart Disease

Having high blood pressure can put you at greater risk of getting coronary heart disease. Ann shares her story of how she conquered her blood pressure.

Smoking & Heart Disease

If you smoke, ypou are more than twice as likely to have a heart attack than someone who doesn't. Lisa shares how she managed to quit for good, and the benefits it brought her.

On-line Support

Websites, helplines and heart support groups can be a helpful source of information and support,

Logo British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

Heart Helpline 0300 330 3311

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Logo Heart UK

Heart UK

Helpline 0345 450 5988

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Logo NHS

Cardivascular Disease

Heart & Blood Vessels

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Logo Childrens Heart Federation

Children's Heart Federation

Information Advice Support

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Logo British Heart Foundation

Coronary Heart Disease

Risks & Symptoms

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Logo British Heart Foundation

Heart Matters

Magazine & More

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