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Patients with diabetes are added to our Diabetes Register and are part of our call and recall system. Our specialist practice diabetes clinic is overseen by a doctor and our trained diabetes nurses. 

The service aims to effectively control the patient's  condition.  Chiropody and a retinal screening services are available within our programme and are provided by NHS health partners.

Patients with  type 1 diabetes attend a  hospital clinic, whilst patients who have type 2 diabetes may attend either our practice clinic or the hospital clinic - or both. Both the hospital and practice clinics provide all reviews and routine care.

Type 1 Diabetes

You can find many reliable sources on information online to support and empower you in managing your diabetes. The  video above is provided by Diabetes UK

Type 2 Diabetes

Video on Type 2 diabetes by Diabetes UK. We support patients with all types of diabetes through advice, treatment & monitoring in conjunction with other NHS colleagues - including hospitals and as required.


Physical examinations are conducted in our diabetes clinic. Height & weight checks are included. From this, we calculate body mass index (BMI) which should be between 20 and 25.  Blood pressure is also checked.  Patients are advised of a target for their individual situation. A normal BP would be around 120/80.

To check skin and sensation, we conduct foot examinations. Digital retinal photography is used to check eyes.  A special unit visits the practice so patients can be seen  at their own surgery where that is where they are being monitored. Patients are asked to look at a reading chart and drops are inserted into the eye to enlarge pupils. The effect of the drops can last up to two hours so it is unsafe to drive until the effect of the drops has worn off. Where a patient is on insulin, the site of the injections is checked.

Laboratory tests are undertaken from time to time - including haemaglobin (HbA1c) monitioring. This allows diabetes control to be monitored. Creatinine and eGFR are also checked to see how well kidneys are performing. A lipid profile is also obtained.  Liver function tests are also undertaken  to monitor fat deposition and ensure that this is not upsetting the liver. Urine samples allow microalbumin to be monitored so that complications of diabetes can be avoided. Where possible, tests are undetaken before appointments so that the results are available at the review where general well-being, current treatment, diabetes control and any problems arising are dicsussed. Referrals to podiatrist or dietitian are also considered, where required. Details of diabetes clinics can be obtained from our reception.

Diabetes Management Forms

Copies of our diabetes revew letter and diabetes review form can be downloaded below.

On-line Support

 Support groups and a range of other resources can be through online websites, helplines and support groups.

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