If you need to take regular medication your doctor may give you a REPEAT prescription without the need for you to be seen every time in surgery. 

A repeat prescription is an item of medication that has been approved by a doctor for issue at intervals and can be signed by any Doctor in the Practice.

The doctor will not routinely issue your prescription early. We will usually issue your prescription up to one week before it is due (in the case of monthly supply). We will not issue medication prior to this, unless there are exceptional circumstances, when a doctor will decide if early issue of your medication is appropriate and safe.


Other items you have been prescribed are ACUTE or Past medication that needs authorisation from a specific doctor before issuing.

This may take longer than 2 working days to process. Please order these items in good time.


How to Order


From 1 April 2020, patients must order their repeat prescriptions directly from Sutton Manor Surgery. They will no longer be able to order repeat prescriptions through a pharmacy, an online pharmacy or other dispensing contractor.

What is not Changing?

If you already order your repeat prescriptions from us, you’re not affected and don’t need to do anything.

If you collect your medicine from your local pharmacy, or have arrangements in place to have it delivered to your door then speak to your pharmacy to continue these arrangements.

If you receive your medication through a monitored dosage system, for example a dosette box or a blister pack, this change will not affect you.

What do you need to do?

From 1 April 2020, or earlier, if you currently order your repeat prescriptions from a pharmacy, you will have to order from Sutton Manor Surgery. You can do this:


Please collect a registration form for online services from reception. You will be given a password tyo enable access to repeat prescriptions on line. Please contact us by phone forst and do not attend at the surgery of you have covid-19 symptoms


Download the NHS App and find out more: NHS App


You can now order your repeat prescription by clicking on this link : EMAIL Prescription Request Please note, this is only for repeat medication and you must provide your full name,address and date of birth within the email.

In Person:

With computerised repeat prescriptions you will receive a tear off slip with each prescription issued which lists all the items you have been prescribed for repeated use. This will be one month's supply

The week before you are due to run out of medication you should return the slip to the surgery indicating which items you require.

Allow 48 hours for collection after 4.30pm.

If you want the prescription posted to you please enclose a stamped addressed envelope.


One-off prescriptions which are not regularly repeated are known as 'acute' prescriptions. Please telephone before 9am to request acute medications which are issued at the discretion of the doctor.

You can ask your chosen pharmacist for advice on minor ailments and if it is appropriate you may be able to buy medicines over the counter without having to see the doctor.


For minor ailments, please refer to our APPOINTMENTS PAGE for full information on how to access to primary care services - or contact 111 for advice. You can also peruse this website or search minor ailments on the website.



Help with Medicines

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